Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Self Storage Auction Man Finds $500,000 in Gold Coins

Self Storage Auction - A resident of San Jose who participated a self storage auction has apparently found  $500,000 in gold coin according to a self storage blog.

Self storage auctions are when storage units are abandoned by the tenants for a long time and then facility owners end up auction the unit for the amount owed and people who bid on content on the self storage, usually take a blind bid and sometimes like this, they just get lucky.


Mac said...

Wow! He's rich now. :) great luck!

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itm said...

Wow!!!! Congrats, at this time Gold has been advancing for over 10 years now, from a low of $252 per ounce in 1999 to where it sits today at $1,755, which is a gain of over 595%. With gold at unprecedented levels (previous bull market high was $850/oz) is it any wonder why someone would question starting to acquire gold?