Saturday, November 26, 2011

Excited About Working With Alibaba Hookah lounge

I don't want to talk business but I am very excited about partnership with Alibaba's Cave which is a hookah lounge in San Diego.

That place seems to keep pulling me back. After my first break up with my fiance, I went there to socialize and meet people and get over it. Then I moved to LA, met someone else, and this time I ended up that relationship simply because of many differences I had with that person and her family and my goals in life, so I moved back to my getaway town, San Diego again. Not to meet anyone or anything, but kind of to focus on myself again, and pick up my business and continue education. It's one place that gives me peace and allows me to be me.

While studying and focusing on myself, my intellects, and my career and education, I am also doing SEO consulting to see if there is any potential. I have picked up a couple of different clients here in San Diego but Alibaba's Cave is by far my most favorite one.  The deal I closed with them is combination of payment and trade, and trade if my favorite part. good food food, hookahs, and drinks. Yum. Life is going to be good again.

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