Thursday, January 24, 2008

David Beckham is Bad for The Enviornment

Soccer - David Beckham is not only recognized for the world's richest soccer player, his crosses, his freekicks, or his wife, but now he is also recognized as the "biggest environmental threat" writes Robert Burns from

British environmental group Carbon Trust claims that David Beckham produces 63 tons of carbon dioxide yearly. They are judging this number simply because he travels so much due to his multiple team obligations, and his other professional and personal obligations.

I find this group very humorous. Because they are ignoring the fact that David usually travels with his team not alone and he is not the only person that wastes so much energy. What about the secretary of states and foreign ministers of country, and other politicians who travel often. What about international business men and women and most important of all, US and British military? I mean WTF, if I have to name one person as biggest threat to the environment would be our own president, Mr. George W. Bush for his multiple random wars and never ending military operations.

Here is the reason behind this. British people are pissed that David Beckham preferred sunny weather of southern California over the cloudy and rainy weather of UK. Or the fact that David Beckham couldn't lead England to Euro 2008. Or the fact that he is the richest footballer ever lived. I say live the guy alone. He is the person you made him to be so stop complaining. Let him make his money and enjoy his life.

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LOPUU said...

Yeah, I agree with you but I still do think he and his anorexic wife are wayyy overated.