Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Real to Waste Time No More

Soccer - Today I was reading Fox Soccer website there was news on the sporting director of Real Madrid Predrag Mijatovic admits so much time has been wasted in aquring Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo and Arsenal's super midfielder Fabregas since several previous attempts have failed so he is not planning to waste time no more.

My opinion, these players are good at the team and league they play for and both of their teams are big enough to handle them. And it appears Predrag Mijatovic also sees that too as he acknowledged that fact too in the article so good to hear these players staying in EPL. My opinion is that Real Madrid needs to go after La Liga and Serie A talents so he can get players that can adapt into Real's style of play fast enough.

I think Real should look into brining KAKA from AC Milan. That would be a type of player that Real can use easily and he can fit right it. He is Real Madrid ready ;)

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