Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Chelsea and Barcelona Agree on Ronaldinho Transfer

I read on Fox Sports that Chelsea and Barcelona have reached an agreement to transfer Ronaldinho, the Brazilian soccer super star and two times best soccer player of the world to Chelsea FC. Fox Sports source was RivalsDM and Spanish daily Marca, although the news is somewhat surprising, but there has been rumors of such move for months and it seems that it is finally going to happen.

I am personally a bit uncertain about this move the motivations behind it. I mean other than huge financial deal, I don't really believe such transfer makes any technical sense for any side. Chelsea already has plenty of great players, and Ronaldinho's style of play does not fit the fast pace EPL style so he is going to have hard time adapting and he may spend some time on the bench. And Barcelona will also lose because they are going to be loosing their best player, who lead them to European Champions League cup in 2006.

As I mentioned earlier, it seems and money is driving this deal. Ronaldionio will sell millions of jerseys for Chelsea, he will probably get a huge salary raise and bonus, and Barcelona will cash in for transferring him. It's professional football and a its main goal is profit and being a business owner myself owning a soccer store, I think I can agree with business side of it.

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