Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Soccer Club Owners Careless About Winter Transfer Window

Benitez, the Spaniard who coaches and manages the English soccer club Liverpool, has criticized the American owners of the club of that they don't fully understanding the importance of the winter transfer window. The American owners have told Benitez to work with the players he has and there won't be any new players during that time. As the result this started conflict between Benitez and the American owners.

But this does not seem to be limited to the Yanks. Today Spaniard president of Spanish giant soccer club Real Madrid, Ramon Calderon said that club was not going to bring in or sell any of the current players for the open transfer window in January. He did not mentioned why but this is what he said
"It's not necessary for anyone to come in," Calderon said Tuesday. "Neither will we give away any players."

In seems that winter transfer window is becoming less important among the club owners and presidents and mainly I believe would be due to club’s business strategy more than anything else. From business prospective it makes perfect sense. Brining important players mid season will cost clubs big money will not return as much because they can’t sell enough soccer jerseys of the new player(s) and can’t bank enough on the new player(s) during that short period of time they have. The rater have those big player for entire season from beginning to the end, where their investments in that player will make sense from business and financial prospective.

Therefore for a while we may see a battle between soccer coaches versus owners and presidents of the clubs. And of course in today’s soccer world, money rules so I can only predict the obvious, that the soccer club owners and presidents will win this battle easily and the football club coaches will just have to learn to deal with it.

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