Monday, December 10, 2007

Jose Mourionho Rejects FA Offer for England Job

Once he was reported as almost begging FA to talk to him for the available England job, the unemployed Jose Mourionho has reject FA's 50 million Euro offer for five years as England manager according to Gol TV.

Jose left Chelsea FC earlier this EPL season, as disputes between him and Chelsea Russian owner, Roman Abramovich, grew even more when both side agreed to cut his contract short. He has been without a job since his departure from Chelsea and there were reports that he made it clear to media he could be interested in the England job. Over the weekend, he flew to England to talk to FA officials, and the word is that he received a 50 million Euro offer, but it has been reported that he has rejected that offer. No specific reason has been specified however there are rumors that he is also talking to the Italian super club AC Milan.

Fabio Capello, former Italy national team and Real Madrid coach, is currently talking to FA for the job but as of now, England national team seems to be without a head coach.

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