Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brasil 2014: Going to Brazil

According to Associated Press Soccer World cup 2014 was awarded to Brazil, or should I say Brasil. I have never attended a single world cup game. Not even in 1994 world cup when the tournament was here in LA. I was too young and tickets were too expensive and no family member was willing to take me to the games.

I missed out big time on that world cup and I regret it day by day. In 1998 world cup that was hosted by France, there was also no chance of me being able to make that one either because it was right in middle of my college years where I was on limited budget and my entire focus was to transfer from the community college I was attending to a real four year school. So I let that one go, and in 2002 world cup which was hosted jointly by Japan and South Korea, there was no way in the hell a college graduate like me would have any chance of making it. I was too busy looking for job.

In the most recent world cup, the Germany 2006 world cup the opportunity was there for me to go to those games. All my favorite players were there, most of them one last time to play in this world great sporting event. My brother, my cousin, and their friends were able to make it to that world cup but I ended up doing something even cooler. My fiance and I opened Soccer Nation, our very own soccer store in San Diego county in city of Vista.

We were watching the soccer games lives while selling the jerseys and we did have a blast. It was a great feeling and it felt like we were part of that world cup. We were among a very few stores that still had many world cup team soccer jerseys in stock and that helped us with our popularity.

2010 World will probably be out of reach for my us. I am not sure if South Africa is a country my fiance and I want to visit. Also we will probably be super busy during that time too. But 2014 world cup, which will be hosted in Brazil will be a goal for us. We both love Brazil, specially my fiance. She knows some Portuguese and loves Brazilian music and culture. I like the country too specially their culture and love for soccer for them is "a national passion".

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Richard said...

Hey there!
I really like your website. You have both done well and seem really enthused by the prospect of going to World Cup in 2014. I have lived in Brazil and my wife is Brazilian. I too am very excited about 2014.
At the moment I am already beginning to get ready. Without giving too much away I am keen to find out the level of enthusiasm there is about Soccer in US at the moment and do you feel that many fans would travel to Brazil?