Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bring It On Red Devils

I really want to see how Manchester United is going to host Arsenal this season. I am a huge EPL fan, and although currently I don’t have cable to watch the EPL games, but I follow them online. This Sunday, Arsenal will be hosted by Manchester United, a game which is hard to predict. Arsenal is doing great this year. They haven’t lost a single game and have had only a couple of ties. Last week, they tied Liverpool at Liverpool’s stadium, but they gave Liverpool a hell of game. They had over 60% of possession with more shots on target and a couple of missed chances. Arsenal remains on top of EPL table right now, even having played one less game.

Manchester United on the other hand has a good record of beating Arsenal. They ended Arsenals winning streaks back in 2004 by and they won the EPL season last year. They have phenomenal players such as C. Ronaldo, Rooney, and others. Also they have home advantage with very fanatic die hard fans.

Even though this game is going to be hard to predict, but I will predict a tie. Arsenal’s coach is fully aware of Manchester United and their strength and their weaknesses. I believe he will come in the game trying to contain the game with goal of grabbing a point therefore a tie but soccer ball is round and can do at any direction so don’t be surprised if this game results turns out completely different than expected.

Also if you haven't noticed already, I prefer Arsenal over Manchester United. So I be cheering for Arsenal wearing my Arsenal jersey this weekend. And don’t forget you can get your your favorite soccer jersey from our online soccer store, Soccer Nation.

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