Monday, February 04, 2008

What's Hot at Soccer Nation

Soccer - I was not planning to blog here any more as I moved my personal blog to However I thought I keep this blog as a reference to the old posts and also to use it announcement of what's new and hot at Soccer Nation.

Calle Street Soccer Balls : Calle means street in Spanish. Calle is a new soccer brand that offers street soccer products.

England Soccer Jersey and soccer gear: Umbro, is the brand that makes England soccer jerseys and soccer gear has done a great job making quality and stylish England football gear. All the England football jerseys and football gear are on sale at Soccer Nation.

Chivas Futbol Jersey and Gear
: Reebok is the maker of Chivas soccer jerseys and soccer gear. All Chivas apparel are on sale at our Soccer Store.

Select Prestige Soccer Balls
: We are among a very few online soccer stores who carry the elite Select Prestige soccer balls. These are great soccer match NFHS approved soccer balls that are on sale for a great price.

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