Friday, January 04, 2008

SEO - Importance of Links and Contents

If you have a website, then you should wonder what can you do for your website to show up better in Google and Yahoo. The steps you take to optimize your website better for better search engine results are called Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO.

Simply submitting your website to Google and Yahoo is not enough. You need to learn and implement the SEO Basics and then you need to do much more.

On my SEO Blog, there are many posts some of beginning SEO posts however if you need to know two important elements about SEO, they are relevant contents on your site and incoming high quality links to your site.

Contents are important because search engines search your websites contents for keywords and links to your websites like votes for your website. So gotta keep the contents natural and relevant for your website and

So check out my search engine optimization blog often for various SEO methods that can help your with your websites search engine optimization efforts.

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