Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Don't Care for The Presidental Primaries

If you have been watching the news recently, there has been much news coverage on US presidential primaries.

As much as I love democracy and electing a president is probably the most ultimate right a citizen can have in a democracy, I am not too optimistic about the outcome of the presidential primaries because they are simply biased and unfair.

I mean here they are, supposedly the colleagues and friends of the same party going at it, putting each other down, even banning one another from private debates so they can get ahead.

For example Obama and Hillary are going at it on the democrat site and Ron Paul and rest of the republican candidates accuse each other of not being true republicans. Dennis Kucinich gets banned from ABC presidential debates, and Dr. Paul gets banned from Fox News debate.

If these candidates really cared about America, American people interest, or even their own party, why are these candidates so quite (and frankly even happy) when a fellow candidate is banned from national debate? Why bashing one another just to get ahead? Why not embracing their political agenda and unite for a better America?

So it is fair to say that I doubt the motives of all of these politicians, the debate hosting media, any everyone involved so I really careless about it.

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