Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ronaldinho and Deco Will Be Benched Against Real Madrid Game

I have a lot of respect Frank Rijkaard and always liked him both as a player and as a coach. While being part of Holland team back in 1990s, he made wonders and now coaching Barcelona, he had brought both the Spanish La Liga soccer title as well as European Champion's league title for them. He knows what he is doing. It seems that his strategies and methods have worked very well for Barcelona so far.

According to, he is set to bench two of his stars, Ronaldinho and Deco for the upcoming classico game against Real Madrid. Both players have fell out of fitness and have been benched the last few games.

But I think he is really pushing his chances too far by Benching both Ronaldinho and Deco against the classico game against Real Madrid. Lack of fitness according to today's standards don't necessarily mean that players are literally out of form or out of shape. It can simply mean that they have not done as great as expected in past few games and during the practice sessions. Perhaps that is due to fatigue, recovering from injuries, or personal problems.

Great players such as the two time world soccer player of the year Ronaldinho, and the power shooter Deco, are not like other average players and often don't allow their slight lack of form prevent them from creating magic. And that is exactly what Barcelona is going to need against the the La Liga powerhouse Real Madrid. Real Madrid are not an easy side to beat simply by placing good coaching tactics. To beat this team, each team need special players with skills, heart, and experience. And both Ronaldinho and Deco are among those special players that Barcelona is lucky to have. So starting them off the bench in such important game, in my humble opinion, could be an obvious mistake.

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