Friday, November 16, 2007

FIFA Trying Goal Line Technology Again

It appears that FIFA is going to try the Goal Line Technology (GLT) again for the next club world cup which is in Japan at the end of 2007. Last time they tried it was not successful. Apparently they have come up with a more updated technology and fixed the issues they had when they first tried it in the U17 world cup. If it is successful, this technology will be implemented for next world cup and all the international matches.

This technology is basically a microchip planted inside a soccer ball which sends signals to the ref when the ball crosses the line which helps the ref to determine if the ball went in the goal or not.

I am personally not 100% sold on that. I like technology in general and like to stay up to date with it, but I really believe there is a better solution for the refs to find out if the ball crossed the line or not. And that is to have more assistant refs. Just like tennis, basketball, and other sports, if there are more lines men and assistant refs, there will be less room for error.

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