Thursday, November 15, 2007

David Beckham Will Play Austria

Not that he only plays, he will start as a right winger. I don't really understand why Steve McClaren has asked him to stay aside after the world cup. I think Beckham played just fine. Scored a couple of goals, made a couple of assists . What else can you expect from him?

I can only suspect that pressure from English media had something to do with it. Those guys need to get a life! They need to recognize that England lacks home grown talents. It is well obvious when you see top four teams of the Premier Ship rely so much on their foreign players.

Beckham is one of the true talents they have and they need him and it seems McClaren has recognize that fact and he is going to use the guy because after many failures, he recognizes he is going to need David's leadership and play making.

Good luck to England.

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