Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Diego is Burning - Day 4

We are in day 4 of San Diego fires and it is still burning the San Diego county. A good portion of Rancho Santa Fe, where Bill Gates and a bunch of other rich people have a house there, has been burned. But those people are least of my concern right now. Many of them don't live there anyway. That is their San Diego vacation home. They probably have crazy insurances too that probably make money off this fire.

My concern is for ordinary people who work hard daily to maintain their only homes. It's true that FEMA , State and Federal government have stepped in with financial help, and the governor's spoke person assured that they will make insurance companies pay up to what they have promised, but I still foresee a lot of unforeseen problems.

Also more sad news, more people have died from the fire. Today they found two more dead body.

By the way Bush is town "inspecting" the comment on that...not yet at least !

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