Saturday, February 25, 2012

Used Cars Blog

Yes I am switching gears again and will be writing about other topics. Since I was looking for used cars before, I became fascinated by how used cars can be a good alternatives to new car shopping.

While I was looking for a used car, I was in riverside county in city of Corona to be exact and Corona Used Cars and Riverside Used Cars were two locations I visited. I was fascinated by how affordable used cars were and I am not talking about beat up or over used cars. I am talking about latest cars with very little mileage.

The interesting this is that many of these dealers have in house financing, also called Buy Here Pay Here.
The great thing about in house financing or buy here pay here is that you don't go through the regular traditional financing methods hence you don't have to have a perfect credit to be qualified for these cars.

Some of these places, they so want to get rid of their cars that they will give you very low interest buy here pay here, and one of these locations would give you 0 percent interest if you were able to pay off the car for one year and you had a reliable job.

As I am doing more work with auto dealers, I will be posting more about this so stay tuned.

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