Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Facebook Worth $3 Billion?

Is Facebook really Wroth 3 Billion Dollars? They better be after the fact that the owner of the site, who lives in a one bedroom apartment by the way, turn down a $750 million buy out.

There are many figures on the net about how much is this company actually is worth, I see $1 Billion, $3 Billion, and even some guy believes they are worth $8 billion!

Facebook is a social networking site that that was launched in 2004 and has grown rapidly that offers free membership and free services to their members. Their business model is the old school internet advertising but unlike the .com days, it is as targeted as possible so it works.

Now I am not sure if those numbers are correct but I do know that does bring us up to probably the most important online marketing success; Targeted advertising. If you have a website or a business that want to be successful online, your online marketing efforts should be as targeted as possible. Checkout my SEO blog on tips on how you can improve your website's performance by increasing your online marketing relevancy.

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