Friday, January 11, 2008

Canada is not a soccer nation. But is US?

I ran into this article that I found interesting. Article title is "Canada sadly is not a soccer nation" the author complains about state of soccer in Canada.

He vents about how people only enroll their kids in soccer programs but end up watching ICE Hocky at the end and most TV programs don't even show the game and people don't really care.

I found this article extremly interesting because this seems to be the issue here in US too. Average sport fans in US talk about Sunday NFL games, Monday night football, NBA, baseball. ESPN shows more poker. But there is a difference between US and Canada. And that are more immigrants who love soccer who live in United States, or come to US every year. Take the Hispanics as an example. They love the beautiful, or futbol as they call it and their passion for the sport is never ending.

Since US is more close to Mexico, the passion of soccer is coming cross the boarder, and the MLS cooperation with the Mexican league, and creating interliga is raising the standards of American soccer. Also arrivals of many soccer stars such as David Beckham to LA Galaxy, and Blanko to Chicaco fire, are all signs of that US is a becoming a true soccer nation.

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