Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jose Mourinho also Expresses Interest in England Job

According to Fox Sports, beside Klinsman who said he could be interested in England job, Jose Mourinho seems to be also interested in the job.

"You will have to speak to the FA to see if they are interested in offering me the job" he told to the Sun reporters after asking him if he was interested in the job. Jose Mourinho has been without a job since he left Chelsea.

I personally think he would NOT be the right choice for England. One can be a great club coach but that does not necessarily qualify him for national team coach. I have read alot on Jose and he is the type of coach who wants to be in constant control of his player, training them to adapt to his style of play. That is very possible when you are coaching a club team because you have the players you want every day of the week, year around. But in national teams, you only see your players a few days before the big game and then you have to work your tactical magic to lead the team to get results you want.

Jose however has one advantage. He has coached current England national team players like John Terry and Frank Lampared and is aware of their potentials and weaknesses. But my choice is still Klinsman who has better success record coaching a national team. Germany national team in fact! He brought out a losing team into an attacking style winner team that reserved the third place in the world cup.

More to come...

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