Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Home Grown Talents Solution for MLS

Houston Dynamos winning the MLS cup for the second year in a row proved current MLS strategy is wrong! This strategy that is based on brining more people to the stadiums by brining over paid soccer players such as over paid David Beckham, the Brazilian start Danielson who is over his peak, and the Mexican stat Blanko,

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against these players. I enjoy watching David Beckham bending it, Danielson dribbling through 3 players, and Blanko put up a good show. But these people are only individuals who are past their peak and won’t be able to bring up the MLS quality of match and therefore average soccer fans would prefer to watch regular EPL, Serie A, or La Liga game over MLS games.

MLS is reaching out to people wrong. They need to improve the quality of the game but investing in home grown players, better coaches, better facilities (soccer stadiums as oppose to NFL football stadiums), better media contract, and better marketing strategy that has long term goal in mind.

Soccer is a growing sport in US, but is has its own speed of growth. And I believe MLS needs to grow with the sport and not rush this growth for sake of money or brining people to the stadiums. Start with home grown talents, give them what they need, and let them lead the soccer in this country.

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