Friday, November 30, 2007

FIFA Narrows Down World Player of Year Candidates To ...

C. Ronaldo from Manchster United and Portugal, Kaka from AC Milan and Brazil, and Messi from Barcelona and Argentina.

I think these choices are good and well deserved. I can't think of any other person that should be in the last list. These three are absolutly the best players that have been very instrumental in both their club teams and their national teams.

C. Ronaldo is a young fast magician. His ball control and his speed are amazing and he is getting better and better in passing and free kicks. He has scored some essential and winning goals for Manchester United and at this point, he is the winning card of the red devils.

Messi is another great player that currently plays for Barcelona and Argentina. He is also key players for both teams that teams can't do without. His new title is Messidona mainly because of his technique and also scoring a goal with his hand last year against Getafe.

Kaka, is THE PLAYER for Brazil and AC Milan right now. With AC Milan under performing and Ronaldinio from Brazil now shinning like before, Kaka is standing out for both teams.

He is also my choice for the world POY award. His style of play fits all type of players and all teams. He is not much of a dribbles like C. Ronaldo or much of goal scorer like Messi, but he is absolutely THE BEST PLAY MAKER in the world right now. His speed with ball is amazing, and his passing ability and play making are next to none.

If the POY select committee in FIFA do their homework correctly, they will realize C. Ronaldo is too young to be the next World Player of the Year and Messi has not been very consistent. Kaka is the type of player that should be the WPOY award. He score goals, he makes great passes, he is fast, he has great and humble personality, and he has class.

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