Sunday, November 25, 2007

England will play Croatia AGAIN

According to Associated Press, it seems that England will have to face Croatia again for World Cup 2010 qualification. After failing to qualify for Euro 2008, England lost their first spot seeding and fell into second spot, where they were seeded in the same group as Croatia. While the Croatians are happy to get England again, the Coratian coach is not very happy about it.

He said "It is a very, very hard draw because they are by far the best team from the second pot. The only team I wanted to avoid was England. We are not afraid of them, but they have got a terrific team and brilliant players. They should jell and they are going to jell".

On the Asian side, South Korea and North Korea will face each other for qualification, although South Korea is the favoirate, but due to political differences, the teams often try to avoid each other.

US also have a great chance to face Cuba, as we all know, two countries are at political odds.

But this could be a good thing, it has always been said sports usually bring nations together, and in world cup 1998, this came through. Iran and USA met in world cup finals, and despite all tensions, the players played a fair and freindly game, even took pictures together and exchanged gifts.

Here is a picture of that game. I watched it live and it is a memory I will never forget:

and here is the youtube clip of the came...enjoy

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